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Applies to Guide, Hearing, and Service Dogs
Accessibility “. . . any accommodation, resort or amusement which is open to, accepts or solicits the patronage of the general public, including but not limited to inns, taverns, roadhouses, hotels, motels, . . . or restaurants or eating houses, or any place where food is sold for consumption on the premises, buffets, saloons, barrooms or any store, park or enclosure where spiritous or malt liquors are sold, ice cream parlors, confectionaries, soda fountains and all stores where ice cream, ice and fruit preparations or their derivatives, . . . drug stores, dispensaries, clinics, hospitals, bathhouses, swimming pools, barber shops, beauty parlors, retail stores and establishments, theatres, motion picture houses, airdromes, roof gardens, music halls, race courses, skating rinks, amusement and recreation parks, fairs, bowling alleys, gymnasiums, shooting galleries, billiard and pool parlors, public libraries, . . . all educational institutions under the supervision of this Commonwealth, nonsectarian cemeteries, garages and all public conveyances operated on land or water or in the air as well as the stations, terminals and airports thereof, financial institutions.”
Interference summary offense
Housing “. . . use of a guide or support animal because of the blindness, deafness or physical handicap of the user or because the user is a handler or trainer of [assistance] animals is hereby recognized as and declared to be a civil right.”
Licenses/Fees exempt from fees
Identification not mentioned
Misrepresentation not mentioned
Trainers same rights as disabled
White Cane cautionary statute; no proclamation
Injury to Dog misdemeanor of the second degree
Penalties summary offense; fine of not less than $500
Summary Pennsylvania law requires that a specially trained Assistance Dog be allowed to accompany a blind, deaf, mentally or physically disabled person or trainer to all public accommodations and common carriers.
Accessibility 18-73-7325(2002); 43-952 to 955(1991)
Interference 18-7325(2002); 43-955(1991); 18-55-5511(2001)
Housing 43-953(1991); 43-954(1991)
Licenses/Fees 3-459-217(1996), [select *DOGS* from Agriculture (Title 3) page]
Trainers 43-953(1991); 18-73-7325(2002)
White Cane 75-35-3549(1959), (Select Subchapter C in Chapter 35)
Injury to Dog 18-55-5511(2001)
Penalties 75-35-3459(1959)
Unconsolidated Pennsylvania Statutes, Title 43, Section 954(k1).
Unconsolidated Pennsylvania Statutes, Title 43, Section 953.
Source Guild to Assistance Dog Laws by Assistance Dogs International's

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