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Applies to Guide, Hearing, and Service Dogs
Accessibility “. . . a street, highway, sidewalk, walkway, common carrier, airplane, motor vehicle, railroad train, motor bus, streetcar, boat, or any other public conveyance or mode of transportation; a hotel, motel, or other place of lodging; a public building . . . a college dormitory or other educational facility; a restaurant . . . and any other place of public accommodation, amusement, convenience, or resort to which the general public . . . is regularly, normally, or customarily invited.”
Interference unlawful to interfere in any way
Housing “. . . full and equal access, as other members of the general public.”
Licenses/Fees not mentioned
Identification “. . . shall keep the animal properly harnessed or leashed.”
Misrepresentation “. . . misdemeanor and on conviction shall be punished by a fine of not more than $200.”
Trainers “An assistance animal in training shall not be denied admittance to any public facility when accompanied by an approved trainer who is an agent of an organization generally recognized by agencies.”
Injury to Dog same as Interference
White Cane cautionary statute; White Cane Safety Day is October 15.

Penalties “. . . misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $300 or more than $1,000.”

Summary Texas law requires that a specially trained Assistance Dog be allowed to accompany a blind, deaf, mentally or physically disabled person or trainer to all public accommodations  and common carriers. Extra charges cannot be made due to the presence of the dog, but if the dog causes damage to the premises, the dog user is liable.
Accessibility 8-121-121.002(2003); 8-121-121.003(2001)
Interference 8-121-121.003(j)(1997)
Housing 8-121-121.003(g,h)(2003)
Identification 8-121-121.005(1997)
Misrepresentation 8-121-121.006(1997)
Trainers 8-121-121.003(2003); 8-121-121.003(i)(2003)
Injury to Dog 8-121-121.003(j)(2003)
White Cane 8-121-121.007(1997); 8-121-121.008(1997)
Penalties 8-121-121.004(1997); 8-121-121.006(1997); 8-121-121.007(1997)
All sections are in the Human Resources Code, Title 8, Chapter 121.
Texas Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 21, Section 121.002(5).
Texas Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 21, Section 121.003(g,h).
Texas Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 21, Section 121.005(a).
Texas Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 21, Section 121.006(a).
Texas Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 21, Section 121.003(i).
Texas Statutes, Title 8, Chapter 21, Section 121.004(a,b)
Source Guild to Assistance Dog Laws by Assistance Dogs International's

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